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We deliver to several major cities in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and western Illinois. Our routes include other towns along the route from the Kansas City area to these cities. Routes go out one or more days per week, depending on the area, Monday through Friday (MTWRF).

The Kansas City Metropolitan area receives deliveries daily in some areas, limited days in others. Our Nebraska route (MR) goes to Omaha, NE, and Council Bluffs, IA. Our Iowa route (F) goes to Des Moines. We have routes to Topeka, KS (TR), and to Wichita, KS (MR). In Missouri, we go to Springfield (W), as well as to Columbia and St. Louis (MWF). Our Illinois route (MWF) is limited to the area near St. Louis.

Yes - with certain qualifications. We don't add preservatives to our products, so constant refrigeration is very important to many of them.

We recommend that you purchase only those products not requiring refrigeration, if you're transporting them more than one-half hour away.

A cooler with dry ice will gain you some, but not a lot, more leeway. Because we care about our customers and our products, we reserve the right to refuse to fill an order which we feel will not be transported properly and promptly. And, yes, we will likely check to be sure you have that cooler with dry ice, if you're going very far! Remember, this is for YOUR protection!

You may want to view a ".pdf" of our Refrigeration Flyer for Pick-Up Orders!

For more product-specific information on refrigeration requirements, download our two-page Handling Guidelines in ".pdf" (Adobe Reader) format.

Yes! All our cream pies and specialty pies, such as pecan and pumpkin, as well as our cheesecakes, must be kept constantly refrigerated below 41° F. The Health Departments require that these products not be kept out of refrigeration for more than a total of 90 minutes from the time they are produced until they are eaten! Part of this time has already been used up in topping them (if they are cream pies or cheesecakes) and in loading them for delivery.

When producing these products, temperature is carefully monitored through cool down after cooking, and during topping, and then loading into our carriers. (There is even a carefully monitored maximum time limit for cream pies to cool down after cooking!) Whenever the products are not actually being worked on, they go into our cooler. And, after loading that night, the carriers are placed in our cooler, ready for the coming morning's routes.

In the wee hours of the morning, your order is removed from our cooler and loaded on one of our specially refrigerated trucks by the driver making the delivery. That driver monitors the temperature of the cargo area throughout that day's deliveries.

When making your delivery, our drivers are instructed to personally place - or watch you place - those products requiring refrigeration only in a properly functioning cooler or refrigerator. (That's one in which the temperature is maintained below 41° F. - preferably between 38 ° F. and 40° F.) Any driver who fails to follow this procedure is subject to immediate dismissal, so please do not ask them to overlook it!

If you need a copy of our Refrigeration Requirements Flyer to help remind your employees of these requirements, you can download it here, or ask your Delivery Driver for a copy!

Unless credit terms have been approved, you will need to pay for your order at the time of delivery or pickup. You may pay by cash or card.  We now accept credit or Debit cards.

If you pay online you will need a conformation # to pick up your order.